Delusional Democrats' lies and misleading claims take center stage on second night of convention

On Tuesday night at the DNC America was treated to a two-hour marathon of misleading claims, outright lies and hypocrisy

There’s an unwritten but widely followed rule in politics: When you can’t win an election on the issues, lie. When lying doesn’t work, lie until it does.

On the night the Democratic Party officially nominated Joe Biden to be its 2020 presidential nominee, Democrats proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can’t win with a substantive debate about policy, resorting instead to presenting Americans with a two-hour marathon of misleading claims, outright lies and hypocrisy.


For example, Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Penn. and Florida Democratic Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried credited Biden with the incredible job growth experienced under the first three years of the Trump administration, prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

“When our economy was on the brink, Joe led the recovery effort that created millions of jobs, including here in western Pennsylvania,” Lamb said. “Under his leadership, America bounced back with the longest economic expansion in history.”

“You know, the one Trump brags about creating,” Fried quickly added.

Of course, what they seemed to have forgotten is that Barack Obama was president prior to Donald Trump, not Joe Biden. And even more importantly, the Obama-Biden economic recovery was the slowest since the Great Depression.

Further, compared to the final year of the Obama administration, the rate of economic improvement under Trump’s leadership skyrocketed because of his deregulatory agenda and the 2017 tax reform law.


Thanks to President Trump, unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and women reached record lows in Trump’s first term.

Compared to the final year of the Obama administration, the rate of economic improvement under Trump’s leadership skyrocketed because of his deregulatory agenda and the 2017 tax reform law.

Then there was the radical 60-second speech by self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Among other misleading claims, she called the wealth inequality that has resulted from America’s capitalist system “unsustainable brutality” and alleged that it comes “at the expense of long-term stability for the many”—even though historical data show the quality of life for all Americans has dramatically expanded over the past half-century, despite steadily increasing wealth inequality.

Meanwhile, countries that have adopted the socialist policies advocated by Ocasio-Cortez, such as Venezuela, have fallen into economic ruin, and in many cases, full-blown tyranny.

Then there was the flood of misinformation from former President Bill Clinton. Among other lies told by the notoriously dishonest Clinton were several statements blaming the Trump administration for the high level of unemployment experienced in the United States as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


Clinton suggested that had the Trump administration done a better job of controlling the pandemic, unemployment would be lower than it is today.

However, Clinton conveniently left out that Democrats, including Joe Biden, demanded early in the pandemic that governments close economies across the country. The coronavirus did not force businesses to close—government bureaucrats did.

Further, many of the states with the highest COVID-19 death tolls are led by members of the Democratic Party, like Andrew Cuomo in New York, and none of them are controlled directly by President Trump, who can in most instances do nothing more than issue suggested guidelines for states to follow.

Clinton also failed to mention that Democrats are the ones who have insisted the United States pursue policies that discourage people from returning to work, like paying unemployed Americans more money to stay home than they earned when they had jobs. Or a radical plan put forward by Kamala Harris, Biden’s choice for vice president, that would send Americans $2,000 per month until the pandemic ends, plus an additional three months.

These policies, more than any others, are responsible for the unemployment rate remaining higher than it ought to be. If Democrats really want people to go back to work, then they should stop calling for workers to continue being paid to stay home.


In one of the most outrageously dishonest moments of the night, a video promoting Biden alleged that Trump, despite the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus, is “still trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act” and “take … health care away” from Americans at risk.

Although it’s true that President Trump has continued to call for the elimination of the ACA and is fighting in court to have much of the law struck down because, according to the administration, it’s unconstitutional, Trump has repeatedly said ObamaCare should be replaced with something better, not merely eliminated.

The examples of misinformation listed above are just the tip of the iceberg.

In one presentation after another, Democrats showed on Tuesday night that they are not interested in providing voters with a positive vision for the future of the United States—or even just telling the truth.

Their election strategy for 2020 is simple: Say and do anything possible to beat Donald Trump, regardless of how dishonest they must be to accomplish their goal.

Only time will tell if their plan will be successful.

Justin Haskins is editor-in-chief of and editorial director of The Heartland Institute.