Carter Page: 'Mueller's band of angry Democrats' on witch hunt

Former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, Carter Page, who is at the center of investigations into alleged Russian collusion and a target of the infamous Trump dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, said the claims are completely false.

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“I have always followed the law both in this country and everywhere,” he said during an exclusive interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Thursday. “And, you know, it's interesting… I probably spent more time than any Trump supporter that's known in Russia in 2016 -- not one time did anyone ask me to do anything illicit, illegal even unethical in any way.”

Page said the ongoing investigation has made the last several years of his life difficult. He has not only received death threats, but his life has completely changed.

“You really you have to kind of keep, and go low profile,” he said. “You know it's basically living an international fugitive lifestyle.”

Page added that he tried explaining his position to former FBI Director James Comey after the information was leaked and made public by a Yahoo writer, “calling this thing a witch hunt,” and “they did nothing.” But in the months that followed, “false” media and dossier affidavits, were illegally sent out to the FISA courts [The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] based on wiretaps and hacking, he said.

Page joined the Trump campaign in 2016 before resigning shortly thereafter after being accused of spying. But he reiterated that he has been a “friend” of the FBI and was never paid “one cent” for surveillance, and has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

“Not only was I never charged,” he said. “All these witch hunt interrogations I went through with Mueller's band of angry Democrats and these various Senate and House committees -- they never even asked me one question which even comes close to doing anything illegal in terms of things I actually did.”

“It was all things that these Democrat consultants were paying for to basically smear my name and get me in trouble and actually leading to these death threats that you correctly alluded to.”


Page believes the heavily redacted report released by the FBI, “is just the ultimate scandal,” and he maintained that he “basically” never had any interaction with the president who he also hailed as a hero.

“I had very low traction recently with Donald Trump. I've never spoken to Candidate Trump, President-elect Trump, President Trump in my life -- I've never spoken to Donald Trump – no,” he said.

Attorney General Bill Barr said he plans to investigate the origins and why Page was wiretapped and spied on.  Page also said “he is an absolute hero,” for starting to reform the justice system.