Carter Page: I've had tons of death threats since Russia probe

Former Trump 2016 Campaign adviser, Carter Page, who has been at the center of the investigations into alleged Russian collusion and a prominent figure in the infamous “Trump dossier” compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, said the investigation has made the last few years of his life very difficult.

“I’ve had tons of death threats, as I know a lot of other members of the Trump campaign, adviser and volunteers, have gone through over the last several years,” Page told FOX Business’ Kennedy on Tuesday. “It’s a sad moment for our Constitution. It’s incredible what President Trump has had to deal with. It’s always been a game of survival to a certain extent.”

When Kennedy asked Page if he thought he was used by democrats or intelligence agencies to advance a flawed investigation he said: “I think it’s a conspiracy between both, by all indications.”

“Chairman Lindsey Graham has been calling for an investigation into hard evidence of wrongdoing,” he added. “We’ll see what happens about this call, important call for a second special counsel.”

Page joined the Trump campaign on March 21, 2016, but resigned soon thereafter due to controversy over a July 2016 visit to Moscow. He maintains that he has never even met President Trump.

“I’ve never spoken with the President in my entire life which is part of the irony of this whole joke to begin with,” Page said.


Carter Page was not indicted with any crimes as a result of the special counsel's investigation, which Mueller submitted to Attorney General William Barr on March 22. Barr said that he expects to send Congress a redacted version of the report by mid-April.