Americans are tired of the political rhetoric and Democrats’ efforts of derailing infrastructure talks: Trump 2020 advisory board member

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down Thursday on claims President Trump had a temper tantrum during a meeting, suggesting he is finding excuses to avoid meeting with Democrats on infrastructure and trade.

“We want to follow the facts to get the truth to the American people, with a recognition that no one is above the law, and that the president is engaged in a cover-up,” she told reporters.

Pelosi also pointed out that while she believes the administration is engaged in a cover-up, impeachment is “a very divisive place to go in our country.”

The president tweeted a response Thursday, saying, “I was extremely calm yesterday with my meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, knowing that they would say I was raging, which they always do, along with their partner, the Fake News Media. Well, so many stories about the meeting use the Rage narrative anyway - Fake & Corrupt Press!”

American University executive in residence Capri Cafaro says Pelosi is trying to find a balance between appeasing to the far left wing of the party and avoiding divisive politics.

“I think what she is trying to do is walk this very fine line between acknowledging the concerns of some of the far left in her caucus and in the party, and then also not going totally over the edge because she recognizes that impeachment is not only divisive but bad politics,” she said on FOX Business’ “Making Money.” “Now we’re in a huge game of chicken where nobody is going to back down because everybody will look bad if they do.”

Trump 2020 Advisory Board member Jenna Ellis Rives, however, says that Americans are “very tired of this rhetoric” and the Democrats can’t have it both ways.

“They can’t just walk this fine line between saying they’re willing to work with President Trump, but then moments before this meeting basically just completely blow up the meeting” she said. “He has the absolute right to be very frustrated with the Democrats when he himself invited [Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer] to actually contemplate all this infrastructure that’s needed on behalf of America”

FOX Business’ Charles Payne points out that Pelosi “has to be thinking about a legacy” and that the most important thing for her to do is to get the job done for Americans.

While Cafaro agrees with Payne, she does believe that Congress has the authority to investigate and shouldn’t “lose an opportunity to follow the facts.”

“The Congress does have a constitutional duty of oversight. So I think that they are well within their purview to do what they are doing but at the same time we need to find ways to work together,” she added.


Cafaro  said that there needs to be a way to get things done without using “incendiary language” and the president and Congress are currently acting like babies because “nobody wants to work together and everybody is pointing the finger at somebody else.”

Rives believes the best Democrats strategy is to show the American people that they are willing to meet the president halfway.

“If Democrats really even want to hope anything for 2020, even keeping a majority in the House, they are going to show the American people that they are willing to accomplish things on our behalf, not just be Trump haters, and that goes to the market, that goes to the economy, that goes to everything including policy,” she said.