'Able' Americans collecting welfare benefits need stricter work requirements: Andy Puzder

President Trump’s new budget contains a controversial work requirement for social programs that is designed to help lower-income Americans collecting a variety of welfare benefits like food stamps or Medicare.

The blueprint requires people between the ages of 18 and 65 to work at least 20 hours per week in order to receive benefits and former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder said, "This is a good idea.”

“The way you get self-respect and pride is by what you do in your job, what you accomplish, what you achieve,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday. “When you encourage people not to work, you encourage them not to have self-respect.”

In Puzder’s opinion, people who are able to work “should be working.”

“Why should people who are out there working their butts off trying to get ahead be paying taxes to cover people who want to write cowboy poetry, as Harry Reid once said,” said Puzder.


As part of welfare-reform legislation in the 1990s, President Bill Clinton also added work requirements on some programs.