2019 Grammys: Border wall dress ignites liberal Hollywood hatred, Joy Villa says

The red carpet is a place for stars to shine with glitzy ensembles, but on Sunday night during the 2019 Grammys, musician Joy Villa stood up for her conservative beliefs again.

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Villa, who stole the show on the red carpet during the 2017 Grammy Awards where she wore a dress with Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan on it, donned a ‘build the wall’ dress this year. She said liberal Hollywood was as vicious as ever.

“It was crazy,” she said during an interview on FOXBusiness’ Mornings with Maria. “A lot of people were just giving me side-eye, giving me negative looks, not willing to look me in the eye, scrunching up their face.”

But when she hit the red carpet, she said, the vibe quickly changed.

“The photographers were screaming at me—highly unprofessional—the photographers were hired by the Grammy’s, you know that’s all they are supposed to do,” she said. “They were screaming down with Trump. We hate Trump. Trump hates you. You’re a traitor and Trump’s a traitor. I was like this is different—there was way more hate and vitriol this year than in 2017.”

Villa, who has been walking the red carpet since 2015 and is a “proud” member of the recording academy and also a Grammy’s advocate for the music modernization act, has become accustomed to handling the bitter reactions with grace, but also feels that some of liberal Hollywood is beginning to embrace the fact that she supports President Trump.

“I think they love me, but they are not going to quite own me or claim me yet,” she said. “But I also think that they love that I make a splash.”


Singer Ricky Rebel also made a bold statement this year, surprising the crowd wearing a jacket with the words “Keep America Great!” "Trump" and "2020" to show support.

In Villa’s opinion, a “counter culture shift” is beginning to happen. What’s more, she also expects more conservatives to come out soon.

“I love that other artists are stepping out,” proclaimed Villa. “I think that 2017 was kind of lonely I was like ok I’m the only one getting death threats, but the president is here, I’m supporting him, and then now we have other artists coming out, supporting Trump becoming less afraid.”