It's an American nightmare to have the government take care of you: Bobby Jindal

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said Democrats want to spend Americans’ money for their own self-serving purposes.

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“What I mean by vanity project,” said Jindal to FOXBusiness’ Stuart Varney while discussing his recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. “Look at what happened in France. There you had the left impose these fuel taxes that resulted in the Yellow Vest protests – this is all to make the elite, the urban-elite left, feel better about themselves.”

What’s more, he said, Democrats in the U.S. have similar types of rural agendas that hurt average Americans.

“So the left, they are like a child that likes to give up lima beans for Lent,” he said. “They love to give up things that other people enjoy to make them feel better about themselves.”

“So for example the left would love a world without guns, without trucks, they’d love a world without traditional religious values. They don’t value those things but many others in America do,” he added.

Jindal, who was also a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, said that progressive ideas, from Sen. Kamala Harris, a Democratic contender for 2020, and rising star of the party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have “real consequences,” and would not garner more votes, especially from millennials.

“The mistake they make is thinking that they can get millennials and other votes simply by promising unsustainable free things that are actually taxes and burdens on the rest of us,” he said. “The reality is I think we are still an aspirational country.”


Harris, who is co-sponsoring a plan to implement “Medicare for All,” that would extend coverage of the government-run system, which currently only covers seniors, to everyone. But in Jindal’s opinion, the platform is contradictory.

“Free health care sounds great until you understand Medicare for All means that over 100 million Americans would lose the health insurance they like,” he said. “President Obama lied to us and said if you like your health insurance you can keep it. Now the Democrats are saying if you like your health insurance too bad for you.”

Self-described Democrat socialist Ocasio-Cortez, on Thursday, introduced a Green New Deal in the House, that was also co-sponsored by Harris, and other top 2020 contenders, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, that requires a government-led overhaul in order to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. But Jindal said parts of the plan don’t make sense, especially when it comes to taking care of people who are unwilling to work.

“The American dream is not to have the government take care of you. The American dream is to get a great education to work hard and to provide for yourself and your family to do better than your parents did,” he said. “It’s an American nightmare to have the government take care of you.”