Gary Gastelu

Gary Gastelu is the Automotive Editor, covering automobiles and racing. @foxnewsautos

Ford made a $1.8 million Mustang mistake

Ford is offering to pay 450 Australian Mustang Mach 1 buyers $4,040 each after an error was discovered in the marketing materials for the vehicle that promised features it doesn't have.

Elon Musk tells court: 'I think I'm funny'

Elon Musk told a Delaware court "I think I'm funny" while he defended Tesla's 2016 acquisition of Solar City. The Tesla CEO told the plaintiffs' attorney, Randall Baron, that he is "a bad human."

Tesla raises Model S and X prices $5,000

Tesla has raised the base price of its Model S and Model X vehicles by $5,000 without explanation. The increases are the latest made by the automaker this year.