Barstool Sports boss slams NFL commissioner: Goodell is ‘worst human’ ever

Barstool Sports Founder and President David Portnoy, known as ‘El Pres,’ said his feud with the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is still alive and kicking.

"He's the worst human who ever lived,” Portnoy told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Monday.

The long-running feud began after Barstool Sports was banned from all NFL activities after some of its members including Portnoy were arrested for protesting Goodell’s handling of ‘Deflategate.’

“He did some illegal maneuvers that I though should not be allowed. He suspended Tom Brady with no proof, no evidence, threw the constitution basically out the window,” said Portnoy. “We went to the NFL headquarters, we handcuffed ourselves to each other and we got thrown in prison for a night.”


In Portnoy’s opinion Goodell doesn’t like to be challenged.

"Everyone's afraid of him,” he said. “[The] NFL wields a big stick… and he doesn't let people challenge him, we challenge him. He doesn’t allow it, he’s a dictator and bans us and it’s a continual back and forth."