Golf pro Bubba Watson takes CBD to recover after tough days on the green

If you’ve never heard of the company cbdMD, you’re probably not alone. The company operates in a niche corner of the market, making products containing CBD, a chemical found in marijuana plants that can act as a pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory and an anti-depressant.  

CbdMD is making history as the first CBD company to list on a U.S. stock exchange, recently changing its ticker from “LEVB” to “YCBD.” The company boasts a wide range of inventory including oils, gummies, and even bath bombs for customers looking to treat minor aches and pains. 

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
YCBD CBDMD INC 0.70 -0.01 -1.83%

One of these customers is two-time Masters champion, Bubba Watson, who just signed a multi-year marketing deal with cbdMD. The 40-year old says he’s personally felt the benefits of the company’s products.

“After a tough day on the golf course, I want to be able to get better sleep and let the inflammation in my body go down”, he told Fox Business’s Gerri Willis. “I’m a believer in it, I’ve been using it and so the partnership came through.”

Watson will sport the cbdMD logo on his visor at the upcoming PGA Championship in Farmingdale, New York, where he’ll take on reigning Masters champion, Tiger Woods.

“It’s pretty special to be around when a great champion like that is winning” Watson said of Woods. “Obviously we all want to beat him and I want to beat him, but the impact he has on the game of golf is bar none.”

The 2019 PGA Championship tees off May 16th.