Marley cannabis-infused relaxation drink to hit store shelves soon

Natural relaxation in a can has arrived. New Age Beverages Corp. just signed a deal to develop and distribute Marley-branded cannabis-infused drinks.

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According to the Colorado and Utah based organic and natural beverage company’s CEO, Brent Willis, the first product to hit shelves will be Marley+CBD Mellow Mood.

Its non-psychotropic main ingredient -- cannabidiol (CBD) -- is what makes it so popular in beverages and food across the globe, he said.

The relaxation drink in 16 oz. cans will contain 25 mg of pharmaceutical grade CBD per serving. According to Willis the quality and quantity of CBD used in the drink is very important.

“Consumers want what’s called 'the entourage' effect, which really gives them that relaxation,” Willis told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney during an interview on Wednesday.  “It is not a buzz, it’s just relaxation, it kind of mellows you out.”

In order for companies to comply with FDA regulations, no more than 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, is allowed in a product.

The product also packs flavor, in Willis’ opinion, with ingredients including chamomile and passion flower to support the “relaxation beverage.”


Initial product rollout will begin in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Michigan where cannabis is legal for use by adults of legal age, according to Willis, before eventually becoming legal in all 50 states.