Walmart brings online shopping experience in stores with app-driven redesign

Redesign will launch in 200 Supercenters by end of the year, close to 1,000 by the end of 2021

Walmart stores are being "optimized" with redesigned aisles, self-checkout kiosks and app-aided directories.

The retail giant is redesigning stores to mirror its online shopping experience in real life – and to get more customers to download its app.

Walmart's app-driven redesign will launch in 200 Supercenters by the end of the year and close to 1,000 stores by the end of 2021. (Walmart). 

Walmart’s redesign will launch in 200 Supercenters by the end of the year, and close to 1,000 by the end of 2021. The retailer’s chief customer officer and an executive vice president, Janey Whiteside, says the redesign is intended to streamline how a large group of people navigate stores. It was inspired also by airports, she said.

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“We were inspired by airport wayfinding systems as best-in-class examples of how to navigate large groups of people,” Whiteside said in a blog post for the company Wednesday.

“We developed simple yet thoughtful designs to replicate these navigation efficiencies, which will help us move customers through the store more quickly.”

Walmart's sinage will be updated encouraging customers to use its app in tandem with in-store shopping to help find items faster. (Walmart)

Signage will be updated on the exterior and interior of Walmart stores to guide customers, with a new store directory encouraging them to download the Walmart app while shopping.

The stores will also feature self-checkout kiosks in addition to contactless payment options, such as Walmart Pay, to limit contact between employees and customers. Select stores, the retailer says, will have a Scan & Go option to allow customers to manage their own checkout on demand.

Walmart's redesign stores will feature contactless payment options. (Walmart)

“By creating a system that acknowledges our app navigation from beginning to end, we create an optimized omni experience for both customers and associates," Whiteside said.


Walmart's digitally-driven retail experience comes as more supermarkets roll out store plans that mimic online shopping. Amazon-owned Whole Foods earlier this month launched its first-ever online retail store. And earlier this week, Amazon introduced Amazon One, it's palm-scanning payment system at Amazon Go stores.