These are the trucking companies that closed this year: Report

Despite having a great year in 2018, the trucking industry has been struggling this year, leading at least eight trucking companies -- many of them smaller companies -- to fold in the last eight months.

Those closures have left approximately 2,659 drivers out of jobs, according to a report from Business Insider, which used data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Most recently, Carney Trucking Co. closed on July 31, according to Freight Waves. According to Business Insider, the company employed 25 drivers.

The day before, on July 30, Terrill Transportation closed, putting 36 drivers out of a job.

Before that, two trucking companies closed on July 12.

LME, which reportedly employed 424 truck drivers, posted its closure on its website while Starlite Trucking, which reportedly employed 28 drivers, posted about its decision to close on Facebook.

In June, ALA Trucking also announced it was shutting down, which put 41 drivers out of a job, according to a report from CDL Life at the time.

Williams Trucking, which reportedly employed 48 drivers, closed up in May, according to Freight Waves.

In April, Falcon Transport -- which allegedly employed 585 drivers -- closed “abruptly,” according to Freight Waves.

The first trucking company to fold this year was also the largest company on the list. The New England Motor Freight -- which reportedly employed 1,472 truck drivers -- announced in February that it would file for bankruptcy and close.

Earlier this month, Bob Costello, from the American Trucking Associations, told Stuart Varney of FOX Business' "Varney & Co." that there has been a record driver shortage because the industry can't find enough qualified drivers.


"At the end of [2018,] we did hit a record high [shortage,]" Costello said. “We hit 60,800 workers short."

"There's a lot of things that cause it," Costello clarified. "There's no doubt we have seen, even though the positive rates on marijuana are still very low, they have gone up. And even in states like Colorado, they've gone up even more."

He said he knew of a company that had to shut down a terminal in Colorado because they could not get enough employees who could pass a drug test.

"It is a problem," Costello admitted.

He made sure to mention it's more than that, though. Finding people who are willing to go out on the road for an extended period of time is difficult as well.

FOX Business’ Blair Shiff contributed to this report.