These airlines are cancelling flights due to Hurricane Dorian's unpredictable path

Orlando International Airport said late Saturday that it will not close on Labor Day, given Hurricane Dorian's hard-to-predict path will likely veer away from central Florida.

But travelers could still be out of luck, as many airlines have already canceled flights to and from Orlando International, USA Today reported. Spirit Airlines canceled virtually all of its flights to and from Orlando International, according to flight tracking site FlightAware.

Spirit and Frontier are some of the companies cancelling flights more than others as airlines brace for Dorian, according to USA Today.

If airlines have not canceled flights in the potentially affected areas, they're pushing travelers to change their travel plans at no extra charge. American Airlines had not canceled any Orlando flights as of Sunday morning according to USA Today. However, the company wants to help passengers move their Monday flights back to their original dates after Orlando International announced it would be open after all.

Many U.S. airlines announced earlier in the week that they would allow passengers who likely to cross paths with Hurricane Dorian in Florida and Georgia reschedule their flights for free. Those airlines include Delta, Allegiant and JetBlue.

Daytona Beach Airport said Friday that it would be closed on Labor Day and has not backtracked on that statement as of early Sunday afternoon.