Alex Azar on Trump vs. drug prices: If pharma companies make less money, so be it

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Thursday the Trump administration isn’t scared of big pharma or their drug pricing policies.

“I know their [tactics] and I’m not afraid of them,” Azar said in response to FOXBusiness’ Stuart Varney’s warning about pharmaceutical companies using teams of lawyers to fight the Trump administration’s efforts to rein in drug prices.

According to Azar, who is a former Eli Lilly executive, the impact of the administration’s efforts on the American people was more important than the impact on corporate profits in the health care sector.

“If it means that insurance companies or hospitals or pharma companies make less money or are not happy because of that disruption, so be it, because our North Star is the American patient,” he said.

Azar’s comments come on the heels of the White House reportedly preparing an executive order that would reduce drug prices for Medicare.


Although Azar wouldn’t address the potential order specifically, he said, “President Trump is absolutely adamant about the fact that America’s seniors have been overpaying for their drugs.”