A look inside Venezuela's treacherous health care system

By James DeRosaLatin AmericaFOXBusiness

Venezuelan hospitals suffer from inadequate power supplies: Dr. Jaime Lorenzo

Dr. Jaime Lorenzo on the horrible health conditions in Venezuela and the inadequate power supplies in hospitals.

As the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela continues, there is one area of government that has caused the most death and destruction to the Latin American country. Venezuela's health care system is in a total state of collapse, according to one doctor who works in the country.

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"About 55 to 60 percent of surgery facilities in Venezuelan hospitals are closed down or are unable to operate,” said Dr. Jamie Lorenzo to FOX Business’ Trish Regan on Tuesday.  “About 75 percent of hospital facilities have crucially inoperable equipment for facilities such as monitors or ventilators. They are not in order due to a lack of replacement or a lack of maintenance.”


The oil-rich nation once boasted one of the top health systems in all of South America, but now hospitals are lacking even the most basic necessities including soap and running water. What's more, preventable diseases like measles and malaria are now exploding because vaccines are scarce or non-existent. Doctors also fleeing the country in record numbers.

Dr. Lorenzo said despite his fears over speaking out, he wants to stand up for patients’ civil rights and health-care standards.

“Venezuelan doctors have always represented the voice of the patient,” he said. “As the constitution states Venezuelans have a right to quality and adequate care.”


But in Dr. Lorenzo’s opinion, a change in government, may not improve the conditions.

“The reality in healthcare, in basic needs for the country to be in working order, are more affected every day with less and less possibility that they will be repaired or improved because it doesn't seem to be a priority of theirs for healthcare to work properly."