VW says it will be able to do something Tesla has struggled to do: Make a profit producing electric cars

Volkswagen is optimistic about doing something that its competitors have struggled to do: turn a profit while making electric vehicles.

VW CEO Herbert Diess says his company has a plan not to lose money.

"Our approach is different," Diess said. "We come with high volumes, we come with a dedicated platform that is only for electric cars, and we generate a lot of scale because we are investing at the same time in China, in Europe, and in the US.”

Electric automaker Tesla has not yet turned a profit on an annual basis, though it has had a handful of profitable quarters.

VW has an electric car on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. The ID.3 is priced at under $33,000.

If Volkswagen has its way, two out of every five cars the company sells will be electric by 2030.

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VW also rolled out a new logo, updating the one it has had essentially since World War II.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.