Russia's Aeroflot to buy eight Boeing airliners

The eight planes -- six Boeing 777-300s <BA.N> and two Boeing 777-200s -- have a ticket value of $2.17 billion according to Reuters data, although an industry source told Reuters the carrier had received a discount and would pay around $1.6 billion.

A spokesman for Boeing in Russia said the order was part of Aeroflot's longer term plans to buy 16 new Boeing 777s for $4 billion over the next six years.

Aeroflot continues to have an outstanding order for 22 of the much delayed Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which are now around three years behind schedule. The Boeing spokesman confirmed the Dreamliner order was still in place.

The signing of the Boeing-Aeroflot deal took place as part of a visit to Russia by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

(Reporting by Gleb Stolyarov, Steve Gutterman, John Bowker; Editing by David Cowell)