Ruby chocolate makes US debut: Where you can buy the pink-hued candy

The skinny on chocolate

A new study finds that adding chocolate to your diet could speed up weight loss. UNC Department of Medicine Dr. Kevin Campbell discusses.

There’s white, milk and dark chocolate. Now, Americans are being offered naturally pink ruby chocolate.

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Barry Callebaut, one of the globe’s largest chocolate makers, debuted ruby chocolate in the U.S.

The treat is made from ruby cocoa beans that are found in South America. Barry Callebaut described the taste of the chocolate as “intense.” It is not bitter or sweet but fruity and smooth, the company described in a previous news release.

Barry Callebaut, the Swiss chocolate giant, has debuted naturally pink ruby chocolate in the U.S. (Barry Callebaut)


The pink-hued chocolate made its unveiling in Shanghai, China, in September 2017. Nestle used ruby chocolate for its Ruby Kit Kat bars that hit stands in Japan.

The Swiss-based company said the chocolate is now available in more than 40 countries.

Ruby chocolate can be purchased at retailers such as Target and Trader Joe's. (Barry Callebaut)

A few places in the U.S. have already started selling ruby cacao beans-based products. Trader Joe’s began selling Ruby Cacao Wafers in February for a limited time. Food and gift retailer Harry & David sell Ruby Cacao truffles. Chocolove, which is available for sale at many retailers such as Target, has a Ruby Cacao Bean Bar.


Barry Callebaut has not yet received permission from the Food and Drug Administration to label the product as chocolate, according to The Washington Post. Until it’s approved, the product will be identified as ruby couverture.

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In the U.S., Hershey and Mars Inc. are some of the leaders of candy and chocolate. Hershey announced this week it would be redesigning its famous milk chocolate bar with emojis. The redesigned chocolate bar will be available for sale this summer.