Rapper drops tens of thousands on meal-delivery service

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We've all been there. It's raining out, or maybe you've already slipped into your comfy pants, or perhaps you didn't get time to dodge to the grocery store and you need dinner for the family. Meal-delivery services have given millions of people the opportunity to get practically any food brought to their door.

If you've ever felt bad about how much you drop on food-delivery services when you really should just swing by the supermarket, don't. One Grammy Award-winning rapper has you beat.

Chance the Rapper is one of Postmates' most frequent customers, according to The Receipt. The Receipt tracks how often people use Postmates' service, and Chance the Rapper is no stranger to someone knocking on his door with food in hand.

How often has he used it?

Since joining Postmates in 2014, the 26-year-old rapper has placed 632 orders, receiving 1,992 items across 26 cities. His total spent was more than $30,000, including over $4,000 in tips alone. With these numbers, we can estimate his average order cost a little over $47. His most expensive order was $439.97, according to The Receipt. His smallest order was $1.32 for fresh cilantro.

Not only is he ordering from Postmates consistently, but he's also a loyal customer. In fact, The Receipt reported he ordered from Chicago's own Portillo's Hot Dogs once every other day for a month straight.

How needy is the celeb with his orders? Here's an example of his McDonald's order from 2016, The Receipt said:

Please read carefully* Big Mac Meal with cheese only, as well as lettuce and extra cheese, (should be two slices of American cheese and only cheese and lettuce). Large Fries and a Sprite for the drink, thanks!

- Chance the Rapper's McDonald's order

Using please and thank you? How polite!

But the rapper is much more than just a man needing some things sent to his home. Back in January, he partnered with Postmates to give back to his Chicago community. For every order from one of his favorite local restaurants, they donated $1 to Chicago youth.

Considering Chance the Rapper just dropped his newest album, it's no wonder he doesn't have much time to grab what he needs for the day.

As many Postmates users know, you can order much more than food on the app. Chance the Rapper has placed orders for swim trunks, diapers for his daughter and even video games and board games.


Postmates has featured other celebrities and their Postmates addiction, including Zendaya and John Legend.

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