Mueller report puts AG Barr's job in jeopardy: Former US Assistant Attorney

The House Judiciary Committee intends to authorize subpoenas on Wednesday morning in order to get their hands on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full un-redacted 400-page report.

Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., is behind the push for the report, and wants it sooner than Attorney General William Barr has promised.

“I think we will probably have the report if not by the end of this week, probably by the beginning of next week,” said former U.S.  Assistant Attorney Andy McCarthy during an interview on FOX Business' Kennedy on Monday.

AG Barr said that he is reviewing the documents and should have them released to Congress by mid-April.

“[Barr] is scrubbing a 300 to 400-page report in order to make sure it does not have Grand Jury material that should not be released, and classified information that should not be released,” said McCarthy.

Congressman Nadler has said he’s “disturbed” by Barr’s resistance to share the full report immediately, and has asked him to join the committee in seeking a judge’s approval to release all grand jury information in Mueller’s report.

Nadler and fellow Democrats insistence on the full report could put the Attorney General Barr’s job in jeopardy.

“He is in a catch 22.  If he doesn’t give it to them, Democrats will complain about that,” said McCarthy. “If he gives it to them, but it violates the law, Democrats will say he needs to be removed because over that.”