Joy Villa slams millennials: I'm ashamed of my people

Singer and songwriter Joy Villa is not happy with millennials. She said they don’t understand what it means to be productive members of society.

“Losing your phone charger, having a cracked phone screen, not getting enough likes on your social media — these are the things that millennials have problems with now,” she told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday. “I mean these are my people, I’m ashamed to say. No more is it, you can’t pay your bills or maybe your child is sick, you know, real-life problems. It’s, 'I didn’t get enough likes on Twitter or Instagram' — it’s crazy.”

Villa, who is known for sticking up for her conservative beliefs on the red carpet, said unlike Generation X, which is the segment of the population born between 1965 and 1981, millennials want a greater sense of validation from their peers rather than validation from their job and community.

“I think it’s because people around my age — millennials, which are around 23 to 35 right now, they’re not as religious, they’re not having church or community, they’re not going out and speaking with people and creating new memories,” she said. “They are more on social media trying to post their old memories.”

Villa said her upbringing is a big part of why she can’t relate to her generation.


“I’m not like that because my parents raised me with these values, but my dad was in the Vietnam War. He told me stories about how life was actually hard. My mom was in Detroit — life was actually hard when there was real racism, not like today,” she said. “We have so many opportunities yet young people are throwing it away.”