'Make America Great Again' singer Joy Villa: I've un-friended companies over Trump

While liberal Hollywood has bashed President Trump, musician Joy Villa is standing up for her conservative beliefs.

“If people want to actually make money in this country with a product or get jobs they need to also see there’s 50% of Americans who support the president. And I’ve unfriended…Un-followed certain companies that use in their promotions, ‘hey we don’t support the president’ or ‘down with Trump.’ I write them letters, I say ‘listen, you know I buy your products, I support the president, why are you alienating me?’ So these celebrities and these people who are doing that have a responsibility to all their fans not to just the fans who think like them,” Villa said during an appearance on FOX Business.

Villa stole the show on the Grammy’s red carpet after wearing a tribute dress for Donald Trump. She said she has struck a chord with younger generations.

“It’s difficult to challenge for sure because, I don’t feel as supported as my peers, but I get so many letters from people — teenagers, 13-year-old conservatives who say because of your dress I now stand up for my conservative beliefs,” she said.

On July 4th, Villa released a new song, titled “Make America Great Again,” which has climbed to number four on Amazon’s best-sellers list. Villa attributes her recent success to her political beliefs.

“My whole platform is love for the country and love for America. What I wanted to do with that dress and continue with the song is just to provide something that is unifying,” she said.

In the song, Villa says “we can come back twice as strong,” while she believes that “America is in an unrest period,” love and tolerance can conquer the violence.

“I’m actually proud to be American so I want to give that voice to people and that’s why I wrote this song,” she said.