Joe Piscopo on Eddie Murphy’s comeback, their comedic rise to fame

Actor and comedian Joe Piscopo said on Monday Eddie Murphy’s planned comeback would be “great.”

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“I think it’s great because… when he got the Mark Twain prize a couple of years ago… he stepped on stage he hadn’t done standup and everybody was back there, he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on 'Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast' adding that Chris Rock was back there — Dave Chapelle was back there [George] Lopez — everybody – were all back there you know like it was like the Mount Rushmore of comedy and we’re back there waiting for Eddie, is he going to do something funny? He took that prize. Everybody waited and he said, 'Didn’t you give this to Bill Cosby?’ and he went on.”

Murphy, 58, is reportedly in talks with Netflix for a $70 million standup special, according to TMZ.

Murphy, who hasn’t been in the standup spotlight for 30 years, has been quiet, according to Piscopo.

“I can’t speak for Eddie but when I saw him he looked calm, he’s got 10 kids, I’ve got 5, I got to catch up a little bit,” teased Piscopo, adding that “I’m very biased toward for my love toward Eddie because I came up with him when he was 19 years old and he would say things to me like ‘I’m going to do Buckwheat’. I said, 'You can’t do Buckwheat; that’s as politically incorrect’ — he would do Buckwheat.”