Huel CEO says firm's plant-based meals have everything your body needs to live

The CEO of plant-based food company Huel says his company's meals offer everything your body needs to stay alive.

“Huel is made up of oats, peas, rice, flaxseed, sunflower and coconuts and that’s the core of our recipes,” James McMaster told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Thursday. “It’s got all the protein, fiber, fatty acids, carbohydrates and all 27 vitamins and minerals that you need or your body needs to live off.”

The 4-year old U.K.-based company, which sells nutritional shakes and energy bars in over 80 countries around the world, is currently worth about $250 million, according to McMaster. He also expects profits to quadruple within the next three years due to a more health-conscious and more environmentally friendly consumer.

“We just hit a really big milestone of 50 million meals, which is phenomenal,” he said. “So we are doing a lot of things right and we’re growing very quickly.”