Looking for work? These are the highest paying jobs and companies in 2019

When it comes to catching a job seeker's attention, salary is key, especially amid a time with economic headwinds intensifying and fears of a potential recession remain prominent.

Health care and tech industries, with their enticing salaries, remain dominant forces in Glassdoor’s annual report of the top 25 highest paying jobs in America for 2019, further bolstering the concept that advanced education and vast experience can lead to careers willing to pay top dollar.

And while its no surprise physicians and dentists made the cut, some positions, according to Glassdooor, are new to the list.

Following a year of increased data breaches, information security engineers made Glassdoor's list for the first time, though similiar roles have existed, according to Glassdoor senior economic research analyst Amanda Stansell. ISE, also known as information security analysts, help businesses safeguard sensitive and confidential information.

According to the 2019 MidYear Data Breach QuickView Report, 3,813 breaches were reported in the first six months of 2019, up 54 percent from the previous year.

Occupying the four top spots, however, are health care roles with physicians holding tight to the number one spot since 2015.

According to the report, physicians earn the most with a median U.S. base salary of $193,415. Following close behind are pharmacy managers, dentists and pharmacists earning above $120,000, according to the report. Coming in at number five, with a median base salary of $122,585, are enterprise architects- earning the most within the tech industry which occupies the majority of the list.

Those salaries are determined through an algorithm which controls for factors such as location and seniority. The high paychecks within health care and the tech industry signify the high demand for workers who are trained and ready to take on these roles. But companies are also in stiff competition to pay top dollar for these employees.

In their report, Glassdoor also identifies the top 25 highest paying companies in America in 2019. The three highest paying employers in 2019 were all tech companies with a median total salary over $160,000 a year. Palo Alto Networks paid the highest with the median total compensation at $170,929, the report cited. Among those employers are tech giants like Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.

The companies identified in the report have the highest median total compensation package including base salary and other forms of compensation, such as commissions, tips, and bonuses. Both lists are compiled using Glassdoor salary reviews reported by employees between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.


And while salary is a good driving factor to get one through the door, additional research by Glassdoor shows company culture and values, trust in senior leadership and career opportunities matter most when it comes to keeping employees.

The report follows news out of tech giant Amazon who announced earlier this month they would hold a Career Day to fill 30,000 available full and part-time jobs. In a related move, companies such as UPS and Target also announced hiring sprees for the upcoming holiday season.