Highest paying entry-level jobs in the US are mostly in tech, report says

The graduating class of 2019 is about to embark into the employment world - and, according to data recently compiled by Glassdoor, they may want to pursue a job in tech.

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A list featuring the highest paying entry level jobs in the U.S. had tech on top. Glassdoor compiled the information using salary reviews posted on the company’s website in 2018 by employees aged 25 and younger.

Topping the list was data scientist, which offers a median starting salary of $95,000. Not far behind are software engineers who earn a median base salary of $90,000.

Amanda Stansell, the senior research analyst for Glassdoor, said the list “can serve as a menu of aspirational jobs to potentially work toward, especially as the majority of these entry-level jobs are in the STEM field and require strong technical skills.”

A decade after the recession, graduates can enjoy a bustling job market and an unemployment rate of 3.6 percent, the lowest since 1999.


Glassdoor concluded that the job market college graduates are about to enter is strong.

“While we know pay is important, the three factors that matter most to long-term job satisfaction are culture and values, career opportunities and trust in senior leadership. Each of these factors, along with pay, are critical considerations for a job seeker selecting a role and career,” the study stated.

Here are the 25 highest paying entry-level jobs in the U.S. and their median base salary, per Glassdoor.

  1. Data scientist: $95,000
  2. Software engineer: &90,000
  3. Product manager: $89,000
  4. Investment banking analyst: $85,000
  5. Product Designer: $85,000
  6. UX designer: $73,000
  7. Implementation consultant:$72,000
  8. Java developer: $72,000
  9. Systems engineer: $70,000
  10. Software developer: $68,000
  11. Process engineer: $68,258
  12. Front end developer: $67,500
  13. Product engineer: $66,750
  14. Actuarial analyst: $66,250
  15. Electrial engineer: $66,000
  16. Mechanical engineer: $65,000
  17. Design engineer: $65,000
  18. Applications developer: $65,000
  19. Test engineer: $65,000
  20. Programmer analyst: $65,000
  21. Quality engineer: $64,750
  22. Physical therapist: $63,918
  23. Field engineer: $63,750
  24. Project engineer: $63,000
  25. Business analyst: $63,000