Senator to DOT: Press foreign airlines on JFK communication

Sen. Charles Schumer wants federal transportation officials to urge foreign airlines to work better with the operators of New York's Kennedy Airport after winter weather woes cascaded into days of cancellations and delays this month.

Business Highlights

___ Walmart boosts starting pay, closing dozens of Sam's Clubs NEW YORK (AP) — Walmart is closing dozens of Sam's Club warehouse stores across the country after announcing earlier that it was boosting its starting salary for U.S. workers.

Busting Tech Career Myths, Part 2: 'Tech Jobs Always Require a Four-Year Degree'

In the first installment of this myth-busting series, I shared research asserting that at least half a million open IT positions are going unfilled in the US. Today's tweens and teens are a critical part of the solution to this problem, but unfortunately, a number of myths surrounding careers in technology may discourage them from exploring the industry.Last time, we tackled the myth that all tech careers revolve around coding, math, and science.

Industry Certifications May Be the Answer to Skills Gaps

These days, the phrase "higher education" seems to be synonymous with "crippling life-long debt." On top of that, the skills gap only seems to grow wider every year as each new crop of graduates fails, in some way, to meet the demands of the business world.In response, some companies are increasingly looking beyond college degrees to find candidates and fill talent shortages.