What will the real estate sector look like post-coronavirus?

Real-estate expert Don Peebles says he doesn't think workers are going to go back to large office spaces until the second quarter of 2021 and expresses his concern over the hotel industry where he anticipates foreclosures and possible mergers. But, in the face of this, he did say the commercial real estate sector in the suburbs is thriving.

New York City is dead forever: Author

Former hedge-fund manager James Altucher explains why he thinks New York City will not recover fully from coronavirus lockdowns, including businesses going out of business and major employers allowing their employees to work remotely indefinitely.

Trump: Coronavirus stimulus negotiations sticking point is mail-in voting

President Trump speaks exclusively to FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo in a wide-ranging interview on Kamala Harris, what the economy will do if Joe Biden wins the presidential election, not believing the polls, Biden's promise to raise taxes, the economy before coronavirus hit, the breakdown on coronavirus stimulus plan negotiations, the threat of fraud in mail-in voting, the importance of voter ID, making trade deals in Europe, how his views of China have changed, the security threat of TikTok and WeChat, what his plans are in his second term, the importance of school choice and what he's accomplished during his first term.

Trump to visit Double Eagle Energy oil rig in Texas

President Trump is expected to deliver remarks on how the U.S. is achieving energy dominance by cutting regulations, simplifying permitting, and encouraging private investment in energy infrastructure.

5G should evolve in a local, robust ecosystem: Expert

Telecom analyst and founding partner of MoffettNathanson LLC Craig Moffett discusses the risk of relying on Huawei and says there aren’t always ways to generate revenue to support all the capital investment needed to build 5G networks.