Hedge Funds

Hedge fund founder arrested in Neiman Marcus-linked case

A hedge fund founder was arrested Thursday on charges that he defrauded creditors of the luxury department store chain Neiman Marcus by pressuring an investment bank not to bid against his hedge fund in buying securities from the creditors.

Ex-Bridgewater Associates Co-CEO Eileen Murray sues firm

Former Bridgewater Associates co-Chief Executive Eileen Murray filed suit against her ex-employer on Friday, alleging Bridgewater is withholding $20 million to $100 million in deferred compensation because she has disclosed a gender-discrimination dispute she is involved in with the firm.

New York hedge-fund traders aim to avoid city tax by WFH

The city's 4% unincorporated business tax raises about $2 billion a year for the city by taxing investment-fund managers, law firms and other individually owned businesses, based on the portion of sales or services performed within the city.