Billionaire Richard Branson reportedly prefers jeans, wears 'the same pair' daily

Despite his wealth, Richard Branson reportedly likes to stick to the basics when it comes to his wardrobe.

The billionaire is a fan of white shirts and jeans, he told Page Six, according to their report Wednesday. And his outfits apparently don’t vary much from one event to another.

“I just wear the same pair of jeans every day,” he said. “Whatever I’m doing, whether it’s a speech, whether it’s going to see the Queen, you know, whatever it is.”

His made the remarks after a grand opening event for Virgin Hotels San Francisco held last week, the outlet reported.

Packing is also streamlined given his style, he told Page Six.

Richard Branson dons a red military-style jacket over a white shirt and blue jeans at the grand opening of Virgin Hotel San Francisco. (Kim White/South Beach Photo via Virgin Hotels)

“It’s easy being a lad,” he said. “You don’t have to worry about these things, but yes, I don’t have to pack very much.”


Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group, which is the parent company of the spaceflight company Virgin Galactic. Branson is among other business leaders, such as SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos, who have set their sights on space through their respective companies.

Fox Business’ Renwick Wilson contributed to this report.