These traditional jobs disappear with AI: Former Microsoft executive

With more artificial intelligence (AI) comes the threat of more human jobs being replaced by technology. Microsoft COO Bob Herbold said the simplest and easiest jobs are the first to go.

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“I think the low-hanging fruit is what will really pay for artificial intelligence,” Herbold told FOX BusinessMaria Bartiromo on Monday. "You hear so many stories where in fact we are going to duplicate the human mind and the like — no that’s not where the real impact is."

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Although the implementation of AI will impact the entire labor force,  more blue- and white-collar jobs may begin to disappear, according to former president of Google China and current CEO of Sinocation Ventures, Kai-Fu Lee.

“Almost all the jobs will change,” he told Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.” It’s just a tool that can, in one domain, take a lot of data and make very smart decisions, better than people. So the more the routine job, the more AI will take over.”

In Herbold's opinion Lee is correct in saying  that the standard kind of jobs requiring minimal training and skills should brace for impact, and he added that it would also profoundly change the U.S. manufacturing industry.

“It’s going to be quite significant and in fact it is already significant but it will continue to grow,” he said.  “And you know we talk about bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. and the like — it’s not going to be like the old days.”


Some companies have already begun implementing innovation and technology into their workforce.

Walmart said in December that it plans to deploy hundreds of robot janitors to clean stores.

E-commerce giant Amazon reportedly began testing cashierless checkout technology at bigger stores.

And as reported by FOX Business, HSBC’s flagship branch in New York City hired Pepper the robot to help greet and inform customers.

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