SNL's Pete Davidson no longer flying with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin

Blue Origin's NS-20 mission has been postponed to March 29

"Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson is no longer headed to suborbital space with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin

SNL's Pete Davidson was slated to fly to suborbital space with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin on March 23.  (Getty / Getty Images)

"Blue Origin's 20th flight of New Shepard has shifted to Tuesday, March 29. Pete Davidson is no longer able to join the NS-20 crew on this mission," the aerospace company tweeted Thursday evening. "We will announce the sixth crew member in the coming days."

A Blue Origin spokesperson declined to comment further on the announcement.


Davidson was originally scheduled to fly aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket on March 23 for the company's fourth human spaceflight. 

The other five crew members who have joined the flight include angel investor and former Party America CEO Marty Allen; SpaceKids Global founder Sharon Hagle and her husband, Tricor International CEO Marc Hagle; teacher, entrepreneur and world explorer Jim Kitchen; and Commercial Space Technologies president and former Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation associate administrator George Nield. 


Blue Origin was founded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who took part in the aerospace company's first human spaceflight in July. "Star Trek" veteran William Shatner became the oldest person to reach space after flying with Blue Origin's NS-18 flight in October. Following his flight, the 90-year-old actor said space was "unlike anything I've ever seen." Meanwhile, "Good Morning America" anchor and former NFL player Michael Strahan flew on Blue Origin's NS-19 flight in December

The upcoming spaceflight will lift off from Blue Origin's Launch Site One in Van Horn, Texas. New Shepard carries crew members above the Kármán line, the internationally recognized boundary of space, where they experience several minutes of weightlessness before making their descent back to Earth.