Former 'Mythbuster' Adam Savage builds flying Iron Man suit in new show

Adam Savage, former cohost of "Mythbusters" on the Discovery Channel, took a page right out of Tony Stark’s playbook. He built a full-set of iron man armor on his new show "Save Builds" that performs very similar to the fictional superhero's.

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Using a 3D printer, Savage and his team reproduced a real-life suit made of titanium that can fly and is bulletproof.

He partnered with Richard Browning, the owner of jet pack company Gravity, to build a suit with enough horsepower to soar above the ground.

Using four jets bolted to each arm, and one attached to his back, Savage described an “astounding experience.”

“I was just able to hover like 15 feet off the ground and actually directionalize and aim a little bit and that last bit of just feeling the power -- my arms locked rising above the ground—absolutely incomparable,” he said while trying the prototype.