Bucks president Peter Feigin brushes off ESPN hosts' disses about Milwaukee

Feigin also gave some quick facts about what fans can expect when they watch the game outside Fiserv Forum

Bucks president Peter Feigin said Friday that the team is going to use the disses levied at the city of Milwaukee as motivation to beat the Atlanta Hawks and win an NBA title.

Feigin was asked about the jabs ESPN hosts gave the city earlier in the week as the Bucks were about to start the series against the Hawks on FOX Business’ "The Claman Countdown."


"I think for us, this is another chance for us to beat our chests and really show the world what a great city this is. Not just a great city, but a great city that continues to improve in such a way," Feigin told host Liz Claman. 

"We’re very protective. This is like one of the great communities. It’s circled around this team’s success and I think it’s going to help us get more excited about beating the world and winning an NBA championship."

The crew of ESPN’s daily sports debate series, "First Take," wasn’t happy about the possibility of having to go to Milwaukee or Phoenix -- two "small market" teams -- for the NBA Finals. 

Host Molly Querim Rose on Tuesday referred to them as "terrible cities" and co-host Stephen A. Smith had a disappointing look on his face at the thought of having to go to Milwaukee after former NFL lineman Damien Woody made a mockery of the city.

"I’m worried about these destinations that you possibly have to go to for the NBA Finals," Woody said to Smith. "I mean do you really want to be in Milwaukee? Is that where you want it to be?"


Smith responded saying, "I don’t believe I’ve ever rooted for the Atlanta Hawks or the LA Clippers more in my life."

Feigin replied with a separate statement on Wednesday.

He told Claman there was a buzz around the city as the Bucks look to make their first NBA Finals trip since 1974.

"It’s just warming up. Welcome to the Deer District," Feigin said outside Fiserv Forum where fans will pile in for Game 2 later Friday night. The Bucks have hosted viewing parties outside the arena for fans who couldn’t get inside can watch.

"It’s really created a phenomenon. When we built this arena a little bit over three years ago, we built it to really be a melting pot and a destination. And how do we bring the entire community together. I think in our wildest dreams we’d never thought we’d build a meeting place that regularly brings 15 to 20,000 people together to watch a game outside and dwarf the group that’s inside," Feigin said.

There’s going to be about two dozen bars, four food trucks and several screens in the 7-acre area.

"It’s all about activity engagement and having fun," Feigin said.


The Bucks and Hawks tip-off in Milwaukee for Game 2 on Friday night.

Fox Business’ Dan Canova contributed to this report.