Self-made millionaire reveals the secret to success

Ask Amobee CEO Kim Perell how she became a self-made millionaire by age 30, and her answer is simple: Execution.

“Execution is the secret to success,” she said during an interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday. “It separates the dreamers from the doers. And the last two decades of being an entrepreneur, a CEO, an executive, I’ve found that execution is truly what separates success from failure.”

Perell, who now heads the California-based market technology company, started her career at Xdrive, a company that eventually went up in smoke during the dot-com bubble when Perell was 23. She was left broke and unemployed without a future, she said.

But, she ultimately decided to follow in the path of her parents, both of whom were entrepreneurs, and take advantage of the digital economy and the worldwide web to launch her own company.

“It really shows that resiliency in getting back up after you hit rock bottom and making sure you can keep going long after other people would give up,” Perell said.

Her grandma gave her a starting loan of $10,000 that she used to launch her own digital marketing firm, Frontline Direct. She grew that company to $100 million in annual revenue (and has since paid back her grandma).

In 2014, Frontline Direct was eventually bought by Amobee, which is part of the Asian telecom giant Singtel.

“It is hard to start a company, it’s hard to build a company,” said Perell, who outlines her experiences as an entrepreneur in her new book “The Execution Factor.”