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Salute to American Success

Meet the millennial entrepreneur who’s trying to make college affordable 

NextGenVest helps would-be college students find ways to pay for school

After graduating from Harvard University, Kelly Peeler started a financial advice company called NextGenVest, which helps would-be college students find ways to pay for school.

Kelly Peeler is a millennial dynamo. She has caught the attention of Forbes, Fast Company, Goldman Sachs and the White House.

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After graduating from Harvard University, Peeler began working at JPMorgan, where she eventually ended up working in asset management with clients who were interested in indirectly shorting student loan debt.

That was her eureka moment, as it was clear skyrocketing student debt could be the next financial crisis.

She quit her job.

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Initially, her company NextGenVest sold financial literacy curricula to high schools. Soon, the New York-based company was deluged with requests of help from low-income students to help them find financial aid for college.

So far, Kelly’s company has helped customers save more than $39 million by taking advantage of the $2.7 billion in financial aid that goes unclaimed every year.

“I’m passionate about helping the next generation live their fullest lives,” Peeler told FOX Business. “Managing student loan debt in a smart way is the fastest way to do that.”

Her new mission was to help would-be college students find ways to pay for their education.  Peeler’s motto – "Be completely obsessed with your user and be empathetic" – has made her a true American Success.