Bou looks to millennials to reheat instant soup

The company Bou joined major soup brands in the kitchen starting with a line of bouillon cubes, now expanding into other products such as soup cups, gravy cubes and miso cubes.

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“When we launched the brand two years ago we saw an opportunity to innovate these very stale categories and the big brands have dominated the categories for decades,” Bou CEO Robert Jakobi told the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.

Despite challenges in competitive category, Jakobi felt the company’s new hot take on soups would resonate with consumers, unlike other sectors that might be too saturated for a new brand to succeed.

“It’s not easy for everyone to break into the market, you need to be adding something different. So I wouldn’t advise launching another water brand, for example, because it’s a very competitive space.”

The company is targeting a wide demographic, but its biggest challenge is millennials, who are less inclined to cook at home.

“We’re trying to bring that young millennial back into the category because typically most young people don’t know what a bouillon cube is, a lot of people don’t cook at home anymore," Jakobi said.

However, he added the products are intended for all chefs.


"We appeal to everyone, whether it’s kind of busy moms on the go, young millennials, [or] grandmothers who have cooked with stock bouillon cubes forever.”