Best cities to open a restaurant

Finally ready to open that dream restaurant you've been planning for years?

Well, just like any small business, location is key for determining longevity.

According to a new study from Bid-on-Equipment, some cities are better for restaurateurs than others.

To determine the list, the equipment resale company analyzed four key factors across 236 cities, including annual restaurant sales per capita, restaurants per capita, number of restaurant industry workers per capita and median income in each city.

Each factor was then graded on a 100-point scale and weighted among the other cities to reach its final ranking.

Arlington, Virginia; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Washington, D.C. topped this year's list with high levels of industry wokers per capita and sales.

Providence, Rhode Island and Lakewood, Colorado, however, scored lower due to poor median incomes levels.

Here's a look at the top 10 cities to open a restaurant, according to the study


1. Arlington, Virginia

Sales per capita: $4,556

Workforce per capita: 7,711

Median income per capita: $108,706

2. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sales: $2.877

Workforce: 5,734

Median income: $57,697

3. Washington D.C.

Sales: $3.622

Workforce: 5,867

Median income: $117,617

4. San Francisco, California

Sales: $3,851

Workforce: 5,769

Median income: $104,879

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Sales: $3,745

Workforce: 6,333

Median income: $77,382

6. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sales: $3.962

Workforce: 6,349

Median income: $75,909

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Sales: $3,404

Workforce: 5,112

Median income: $107,311

8. Plano, Texas

Sales: $2,696

Workforce: 4,980

Median income: $79,234

9. Seattle, Washington

Sales: $3,105

Workforce: 5,308

Median income: $100,630

10. Bellevue, Washington 

Sales: $2,571

Workforce: 4,445

Median income: $100,703