Olive Garden sells out of Never Ending Pasta Passes in one second

All it took was one second.

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Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass went off the market as soon as it was on, with all 24,000 passes getting snagged up by fans of the chain restaurant looking for an unlimited fix.

Card-carrying members forked over $100 for the 9-week pass.

For a meager $400, 50 never-ending pass members can try to upgrade to an elite status for a “lifetime” of carbs.

The fine print explains it “expires upon death of the Named Passholder, sale or termination of issuer, or as otherwise set forth.”

Anyone looking to use their card must do so while dining at the restaurant.

The marketing push comes at a time when studies show more people are eating at home.


The last two years of passes have all sold out within a single second as well, according to reports.