Jimmy John’s CEO target of boycott after old 'vacation' photo goes viral again

Jimmy John’s founder was the target of an online boycott attack after old vacation photos were recirculated on the internet Friday.

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Jimmy John Liautaud, who founded the franchised sub shops across the U.S., is seen sitting on a deceased elephant’s front leg giving the camera two thumbs up.

Big game hunt photos have led to several viral stories – from the dentist who killed Cecil the lion to a young trophy hunter who was dubbed, “White American Savage” for killing a giraffe. Tess Thompson Talley, who was seen in the viral giraffe photo, later told outlets she had no regrets and would continue to hunt.

The photo of Liautaud was revisited and trended again on Twitter when influencers on the social media site pushed for a boycott over the image. “Brother Nature,” an account with more than 2 million followers, started the second wave of outrage.

But not everyone was buying into the boycott.

Some influencers pointed out the fact the photo went viral some four months prior in April, claiming the vitriol should focus more on solving poaching problems with the animal instead of boycotting a company for what a CEO does in their off time on a legal hunt.

Fox Business reached out to the company for a statement on the second-wind boycott, and has yet to hear back as of the time of this post.