Domino's launches e-bike pizza delivery program to compete with rivals

Domino’s Pizza recently announced plans to partner with Rad Power Bikes -- North America’s largest e-bike brand -- to increase delivery efficiency.

The pizza giant states that bikes are “often a better solution to traffic congestion and parking challenges” and that stores in which e-bikes were tested “saw improvements in overall delivery and service.”

According to the company’s statement introducing the new initiative, the e-bikes will utilize a small electric motor to assist pedaling, will have a range between 25 miles and 40 miles and the ability to carry up to 12 large pizzas. The bikes “are equipped with lights in the front and back, reflective materials for safety and have a top assisted speed of 20 mph.”

Due to the bike’s popularity in test markets, later this year, the food chain plans to employ hundreds of the vehicles at corporate-owned stores in Miami, Salt Lake City, Baltimore and Houston.

Domino’s also expects to gain labor benefits from the use of e-bikes, as they will allow their stores to “hire from a wider pool of candidates, including those who might not have a car or driver’s license.” Stores already employing traditional bicycles for delivery “saw improved team member satisfaction with e-bikes.”

Greg Keller, the owner of a Domino’s franchise in Seattle, expressed his satisfaction with the new technology,

"E-bikes were a game-changer for us, and we've been delivering with them for three years now," Keller said in a statement. "We have been able to save money, provide better service, increase hiring and maintain a happy workforce."