Miniature vegan cupcakes could take nation by storm

Would you eat a cupcake made without milk or eggs? Baked By Melissa is betting on it.

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“Our customers have been asking for vegan cupcakes for a long time,” Baked by Melissa founder, Melissa Ben-Ishay, told the FOX Business Network’s “Varney & Co.

Ben-Ishay, whose company ships its cupcakes throughout the country and has 14 locations in New York City,  explained the interest in vegan products was not limited to the New York and  the company has seen big growth during the last year, particularly online.

“We’re up over 40 percent on ecommerce, on our website,” Ben-Ishay said. “Our stores are up year-over-year also. We have an incredible product that makes people happy and the best gift ever.”

The 50-calorie handmade cupcakes, which can be shipped to all 50 states, retail for $10 for a six-pack or $168 for a 100-count order.


“Those are made entirely by hand with the most delicious ingredients,” Ben Ishay said.