Iran is starting to feel the pressure over US sanctions: American Islamic Forum for Democracy president

The United States on Friday imposed new sanctions on Iran. The sanctions targeted 14 individuals and 17 entities that have connections with Iran’s Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research.

American Islamic Forum for Democracy president Dr. Zuhdi Jasser told FOX Business’ “The Evening Edit” that the state of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran is on the verge of losing control of its own people.

“You see the human rights abuses, the torture happening even based on human rights watch reports. They’re showing they ramped it up because they are spiraling not only economically, but they’re losing control of their population.”

According to Amnesty International, Iran is one of the top countries in violation of human rights and abuse. “Thanks to the re-imposing of sanctions, they are beginning to feel the pressure and the revolution has gained steam,” Jasser said.

2020 presidential hopefuls Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mas.), and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) have all said that they would support re-entering the Iran Nuclear Deal that was formed under former President Obama.

When asked to react to the Democrats’ view on the Iran Nuclear Deal, Jasser responded, “They’re not paying attention to it because they’re letting the radical part of their party drive them and because of social media platforms.”


He went on to forecast the fate of the Middle East by saying, “I think the only future for those who believe in democracy in the middle and those who care about human rights is the hope for the revolution to continue to succeed. I promise you without the sanctions back in place the revolution would have been dead as it was dying under the Obama administration.”