Why young people are swayed by socialism: Kennedy

Democratic socialists have slowly been pecking away at basic freedoms lately, winning primaries and intrigue as they soften the edges of a treacherous political system that's riddled with consistent failure. Capitalism is cruel and unfair, and once you've squeezed the last drop from its million-dollar teat, you have to abandon the principles that made you rich in order to be liked by people less blessed.

Say yes to authoritarian government monopolies, bleats Jim Carrey.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demands the middle class have their tax burden doubled and their economic mobility deflated because health care and college are too expensive, but no matter how many mulligans she's given to come up with a pat answer, she still can't explain how to pay for it.

What is driving these baby commies to fall for the lies of the cruel anti-wealth movement? It's like a bunch of ugly people protesting fashion week. It's kind of pathetic and most people just want to gawk at the models. They can't afford college and Obamacare screwed up health care so badly, the suckhole of chaos has created a ripe breeding ground for utopian fan fiction.

Let's check out the medical situation in Venezuela where 20 percent of doctors have left the country, because they know it's sinking under the weight of its own centralized and corrupt government, and it's sad and helpless watching people die. Doctors, nurses and engineers have all left the pure pastures of that socialist theme park as it seems atlas shrugged.

These American dimpled, door-knocking do-gooders claim to have all the answers to manufactured and overblown problems, but what happens when a) the bill comes and the wealthy among us have fled, or b) they have all the guns and decide to turn them on whoever fails their hyper-fair purity test?

In Venezuela, one former mayor and political asylee, Antonio Ledezma, says those who stay die in one of three ways: assassination, malnutrition or lack of medicine. Given the dire consequences of pure socialism, I’d rather live with the inequality of economic creativity, individualism and free speech versus dying in a cesspool of the government, by the government and for the government.