Biden and Clinton should ride into the sunset: Kennedy

Just when you thought you’d recovered from the bloody yet entertaining 2016 presidential battle, we are already putting on the foil for 2020.

Two golden Democrats are parking their walkers and dusting off their elbows as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are betting policy-free pints of anti-Trump insults will be enough to unseat their mercurial White House foe.

One of Joe Biden’s strengths has always been his folksy likability, but when he rails against Trump voters as white supremacists and threatens to take the president behind the gym to fight him or whatever, he comes across as a myopic politician steeped in self-preserving orthodoxy.

How boring. Biden claims he and former President Obama have kept the velvet gloves on too long.

All politicians want credit and power, and Biden feels robbed of time and a rightful presidency after his old boss turfed him in favor of Penelope Pantsuit. Biden is setting the tone for Trump’s post-presidency which will be more shocking than a feral cat in a New Orleans transformer. You think Biden is popping off? Wait until your president is free from what remains of his confines and decorum.

Speaking of lingering 2016 bitterness, America’s favorite centrum silver medalist, Hillary Clinton, penned a whiney, meandering piece in The Atlantic about how mean and negative that awful Donald Trump is. Like her book and all of her post-election interviews, it’s about as valuable as a ball of wadded-up Kleenex that, like her flimsy excuses and undignified self-pity, belong on the floor of her therapist’s office.

Hillary attacks predatory capitalism, laughable for a multi-millionaire corporatist who was eager to marry big business and big government, and she laments the lack of equally applied justice as someone whose position and potential power insulated her from prosecution.

Biden and Clinton deserve each other. As long as they engage in empty threats and self-pity, and toss around policy-free platitudes, they should ride into the sunset as has-beens who never were able to find a way to beat the bogeyman who haunted their power-hungry nightmares.