Trump's base may still forgive and forget: Kennedy

Yesterday was the worst day of the president's life, ever! This according to one Obama lackey who is convinced the Manafort conviction and Cohen plea create enough blood in the water for sharky Democrats to finally put an end to his dying presidency.

And then in this fantasy that doesn't even require Russian collusion or Putin string pulling, Hillary is instated as the rightful 45th president of the United States. Well, isn't that a fancy yarn that's nowhere near knit!

The reality is of all the unforced foibles and reportedly mortal wounds the president has taken or self inflicted, Cohen's guilt may be more potent than Charlottesville and Helsinki, but doesn't quite have the punch of finality the Access Hollywood tapes promised, but never delivered a death blow.

The president's digital incontinence often causes unnecessary damage, and lord knows he can pick some real stinkers -- like Paul Manafort, Omarosa and Jeff Sessions -- but within the pathological flagellation there's also an indescribable resilience. This will never be replicated by another politician, and the president's flaws are as apparent as his wealth and are baked into the casserole Americans are willing to snack on as long as the economy is good.

Even Nancy Pelosi is hesitant to use the 'I' word, as she knows impeachment both rallies swamp hating independents and Trump voters and could sink her chances of ascending once again to another worn out speakership.

She also knows a Pence presidency is the opposite of what the most strident, foamy mouthed resistors actually want as the former congressman is far more conservative than any president of the modern era and would make Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon look like democratic socialists by comparison.

It's fun to see the left in a lather while Trump loyalists rationalize away potentially serious developments, knowing if Democrats impeach Trump and get what they wish for a Pence presidency would be their worst nightmare.