Veterans file lawsuit against 3M over defective military earplugs

Hundreds of veterans are filing lawsuits against 3M stating that the manufacturing company knowingly sold defective ear plugs that consequently caused hearing lost.

The complaints come after the company settled a $9.1 million lawsuit in July with the Justice Department over allegations of defective ear plugs.

Military veteran Roberto Garcia told Fox Business’ Charles Payne that the ear plugs have personally impacted his hearing.

“Dealing with the hearing lost, also the tinnitus, it can be very distracting and cause issues in family life and dating life,” Garcia said on Monday. “Once the tinnitus kicks in, the issue with that is it’s extremely severe ringing.”

Garcia’s attorney, Adam Moskowitz, said the VA hospitals are not efficient enough to handle the overwhelming cases from veterans impacted by the ear plugs.

“The VA hospitals are underfunded, they’re undermanned, they’re not staffed properly, they’re tax paid, and some people like Roberto have to wait two weeks to three weeks to even get an appointment.”


Moskowitz said he believes there’s a solution this problem.

“The main remedy is medical monitoring….These are people who sacrifice their life for us. 3M made $32 billion last year. You would think they would set up a fund so that Roberto doesn’t have to wait three weeks,” he said.