Varney: Warren's proposals would destroy capitalism, prosperity

Maybe I'm jumping the gun but it sure seems to me like Elizabeth Warren is real close to locking up the Democrat nomination.

Okay, I understand we haven't even gotten to the third debate yet, and the Iowa caucuses are not until February, but look at what's happened just in the last few days.

Bernie Sanders had heart surgery for a blocked artery. He's still in the hospital. All campaign events canceled until further notice. There are now obvious questions about whether a 78-year-old can endure months of exhausting campaigning.

Earlier this week, he held seven back-to-back events in New Hampshire. Tuesday night, the chest pains began. Another obvious question is whether voters will accept him as a potential president.


The other front runner is Joe Biden and he may be the first casualty of impeachment. He is collateral damage. All the attention given to the Ukraine core has brought back the questions about Hunter Biden and the money he received in Ukraine and China. This is already showing up in the latest polls.

A plurality of voters believes Mr. Trump's allegations against Biden, and Biden has slipped to second place in some key states. It all happened so quickly, didn't it? But as of now, it's Elizabeth Warren's nomination to lose. That's my opinion.

Next question. Could she win a presidential election? My opinion, no — for two reasons.

First: policy. I just don't believe America will elect a president, someone who wants to destroy our economic system. Elizabeth Warren is a socialist. Her proposals would destroy capitalism and, with it, the prosperity we enjoy today.

Second: her demeanor. The way she comes across. Anger is Sen. Warren's frequent theme. Hating capitalism, the rich, the billionaires, Wall Street, it plays well to socialists, but on your screens, every day for four years, anger is not so attractive. You've got to be good on TV to win these days.


Yes, of course, it's very early, but there's not much time left for moderate Democrats to make much of a showing. Far-left Warren is now very likely to be the nominee and, outside California and New York, Democrats — again, my opinion — should be very worried.