Varney: The American dream is not dead

The American dream is alive and well.

Yes, you can climb the ladder. You can move up and you do it with your own brains, drive, talent, and ability. But for years, you've been told the dream is over. That somehow, you're not a dynamic individual: you're just a victim.

I don't like hearing that. It’s the pessimist's view, the socialist view, it’s such a drag.

I don't see America that way. I see opportunity—the chance to break free and make something of yourself. And let’s be clear, its capitalism that creates this opportunity, not socialism. Europe is a museum and sinking fast. They are collectivists over there—socialists, stuck in the past. Their "level playing field" actually brings everyone down, but always keeps the elites on top.

My experience and the experience of so many of my colleagues on FOX Business is very different. Nobody ever told me "you can't do that." All my employers over the last 40 years, simply said: "can you do this?" Being a hard-up but ambitious immigrant I said, "yes, give me a shot." Capitalism actually brings out the best in you. You want to climb the food chain? What can you do?

Senators Warren and Sanders are pushing the exact opposite. We'll give you this and we'll give you that because you can't get it on your own; you're a victim. The socialists are wallowing in jealousy and anger, and they're distorting the obvious success of capitalist America.

Not on this program. We like success. How we cover the news in your interests. We like economic growth. That’s why household income has gone up so much in the Trump years—versus the stagnation of the Obama years. That’s the vast American middle class doing well!  That’s America doing well.


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